Weapon of Choice: A Fully Automatic Rubber Band Minigun

Violence is only acceptable when it’s at the hands of James Bond or John Wick, yet the Rubber Band Minigun makes a strong case for possessing your very own high-powered weaponry.

Debuting on Kickstarter, the Rubber Band Minigun is a fully automatic weapon made from wood that’s based on the principals of the Gatling gun. The ammo consists of 144 shots worth of rubber bands. The specially designed electric motor can be charged in minutes so you won’t have to put the minigun down for very long.

Anyone can feel like Rambo or The Terminator, launching a rubber storm around the home and yard. Just keep the ‘storm’ away from the pets and eyes yeah?

The design allows you to rotate the drum idle even without loaded rubber bands, just to look cool and impress others. Press the trigger to rotate the drum, and then press pusher to release rubber bands in flight. You can shoot single shots, saving ammunition and conduct aimed fire, or release an entire flurry of rubber bands at the target.

The creators are claiming that this is the most affordable Rubber Band Minigun on the market. Not sure how many are actually out there, but from US $94 you can own one of these impressive toys.

Potential buyers have the option of the clean wood finish, or for authenticity’s sake, there’s a black minigun available for the same cost. You can save money by purchasing the kit version and assemble at home. If you have issues with Lego or flat-pack furniture, spend a little more and get a pre-assembled minigun delivered to your door.

The Rubber Band Minigun includes 500 bands and is expected to begin shipping in February 2020. The creators have smashed their humble funding goal so it’s just a matter of time before you can get your hands on this bad boy.

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