How WWE 2K19 Could Net You $1 Million

I’m sorry to say that there’s little real-world value in being a skilled gamer. Unless you’re an Esports athlete, placing 1st in deathmatch or a battle royale doesn’t mean anything more than bragging rights and maybe a Trophy or Achievement. But if you’re really good at one particular game – WWE 2K19, then you have an opportunity to change your life forever.

One wrestling fan will find themselves versing WWE Superstar AJ Styles in a game of WWE 2K19 during the Wrestlemania 35 weekend for US$1 million. That’s approximately $1.4 million AUD.

By completing the Million Dollar Tower in WWE 2K19 on PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, WWE fans could be one of four to win a trip for two to New York City, tickets to WrestleMania 35 and the chance to play WWE 2K19 one-on-one against AJ for $1 million.

2K Games released the above video to give Australian fans an idea of what US$1 million could get them. In summary, you could purchase:

• 2 luxury boats
• 1.1 million meat pies
• 690,000 stubbies
• 68,000 thongs
• 28 utes
• 2.2 million snags on a barbie
• 4,000 grand final footy tickets
• 4,500 barrier reef dives
• 6 million chocolate biscuits
• A 1 bedroom apartment in Sydney

So get practising those suplexes because entries close on January 31. You can find out more about the competition in-game and via the link below. I’d split the million between the stubbies and pies.

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