You Can Finally Race Your Mates in Mario Kart on a Smartphone

Can you believe Mario Kart Tour has been available since September 2019 and the game has only just received multiplayer? The popular kart racing series is known for its split-screen multiplayer and more recently, online leaderboards, although the mobile iteration is only just getting the ability for players to race one another.

Nintendo announced the news via its Twitter feed last week, citing Mario Kart Tour multiplayer as still in the “test” phase. This is expected to roll over into an official release any day now. Either way, you can now race nearby real word opponents – meaning your mates!

Playing Mario Kart Tour in multiplayer is as simple as selecting Menu from the Cup Selection screen, tapping multiplayer then creating or joining a race lobby.

The main difference to this entry in the long-running series, beyond the touch controls, is the courses based on real-world locations. These are called City Courses and were introduced as special in-game events available during specific periods.

Many classic tracks, items and characters make appearances, even some tracks from the original Mario Kart on SNES. There are, of course, new tracks and new special items specific to each driver.

Nintendo is expecting players will experience some issues during the test, such as connections becoming unstable, the game freezing or crashing and the worst of the bunch – the possibility of lag – the bane of every online multiplayer experience. At least Nintendo is putting in the hard work to iron out the bugs before the official launch.

You can download Mario Kart Tour free-to-play via smartphone and a $7.99 per month option grants access to an additional mode and extra in-game rewards. In other Mario-related news, Super Nintendo World is coming to Universal Studios Japan later this year.

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