Going Mobile – Super Mario Run

The world’s most famous Italian plumber has made the leap to mobile gaming in the form of Super Mario Run, a free-to-play app from Nintendo that’s available on iPhone and iPad. Unveiled by Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto during Apple’s iPhone 7 launch event earlier this month, it’s a simplified version of the classic Super Mario gameplay – a side-scrolling platformer that requires players to make jumps to navigate the course and collect coins.

super mario run 0

The game boasts three different game modes, including a basic course mode and a challenge mode that allows you to compete with other players to see who can complete the courses in the best fashion. The third game mode lets you create your own Mushroom Kingdom using coins won in the other game modes.

going mobile super mario run

It may lack the depth of the iconic original games, but it looks like an entertaining distraction for the commute home. So if you’re fixing for a bit of mobile Mario magic then head over to the iTunes Store.

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