Learn to Cook Like a Pro with Gordon Ramsay’s Master Class

If television has taught us anything it’s that learning to cook from seven-star Michelin chef Gordon Ramsay is a profanity-laden, abusive experience. Even knowing that, however, you can’t deny the fact that you’re intrigued by the prospect of learning from the celebrity chef in his 20 lesson cooking master class from masterclass.com.

Described as “Gordon Ramsay like you’ve never experience,” the master class covers everything you need to know to be a better cook. The course covers the basics like kitchen setup and buying the freshest ingredients. It also delves into unforgettable dishes. You’ll learn more about Ramsay as well as the chefs that have influenced him. Ramsay will also walk you through mastering a chef’s most important tool—the kitchen knife. Lessons also cover prepping food like breaking down a chicken or whole fish, or making pasta. The course covers how to make poached egg and mushrooms on Brioche, salmon and shellfish minestrone, lobster ravioli, and beef wellington.

The final lessons in the series covers Ramsay’s advice on how to succeed, which he draws from his lifetime of fighting his way to the top. He also offers encouragement for you as you set out on your own.

MasterClass offers an online education platform that features the very best in a number of fields teaching about how to master their craft. The video lessons are all well produced and bring a personal flavor to each session. It’s almost as if you were sitting next to your instructor—or in the case of Ramsay’s cooking class, standing next to the chef in his kitchen. Each class costs $90, or you can get an All Access Pass for $180 that lets you watch as many classes as you want. Each class also comes with a workbook that helps you capture key insights from the lesson, and provides assignments for you to work on to improve your learning experience.

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