Hendricks Gin & Siren Theatre Co Bring You The Awakening

The people from Hendrick’s Gin are known for being a pack of weirdos. In fact, they pride themselves upon it. As their delicate balance of juniper, rose and cucumber is an edgy, flavoursome concoction which they happily advertise as not being everybody’s cuppa, so too are the events they host.

From June 2 – 4, Hendrick’s Gin, in partnership with Siren Theatre Co, are taking up residence at COMMUNE in Waterloo, to engage guests in a gin-soaked theatrical experience unlike any before it. The events, which will see attendees self-guide through a series of unexpected scenarios and theatrical interactions, brought to life by Siren Theatre Co, will allow audiences will discover a treasury of tipples, daring and intimate spaces, as well as an eccentric revelry of delightfully dark surprises.

designed to reawaken our natural spirit

Designed to reawaken our natural spirit and curiosity, the experience comes at a time where our senses have been dulled by the devices in our hands and pockets. Each guest will enjoy three Hendrick’s cocktails, a classic, a seasonal, and something experimental.

Tickets are on sale for $30 and are strictly limited.


designed cup put in the table

cock keep in the table
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