Hire Award-Winning Hollywood Screenwriters to Write Your Speech or Toast

Hollywood has made toasts exponentially harder for the rest of us. How is the average best man supposed to compete with professional writers? But that’s exactly what has happened as more and more “happy couples” wait expectantly for their best man to come up with a toast that rivals their favourite romantic movie. Finally, someone has struck on an idea that’s pure gold—why not have those same writers come up with your toast?

Tinsel Town Toasts employs award-winning Hollywood screenwriters to take care of your inspirational needs. They write toasts and speeches for special occasions, including Best Man, Maid of Honour, Father or Mother of the Bride or Groom, and even thank-you toasts. Of, if you’re looking for some help with your vows, they also help create custom written vows.

Looking for a whole bespoke wedding ceremony? They write those too, and they even provide rehearsal services to make sure their flowery words are delivered just right.

It won’t be just boilerplate words that get peddled out to anyone with a fat wallet. The writers actually get to know you and your relationship with the person you’re toasting. After gathering all the information, they get to writing, sending you drafts until they hone in on exactly the right words; every speech is written from scratch.

So stop stressing about writing the perfect toast—let someone trained to do it write it for you.

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