Hit Me with Your Best Shot -11 Ravens Avettore Aereo Table Tennis Table

China completed another clean sweep earning all four table tennis gold medals at the Rio Olympics, surprising no one. If you were to analyse the Chinese team’s success, you would likely discover an intense training regime and an 11 Ravens Avettore Aereo table, possibly a limited edition variant. While this particular table is not designed to breed Olympic athletes, once you have played on one you will never stop – thus the circle of life.

ping1 table tennis

The leather trim and bold aesthetics create a design that would perfectly fit the ambience of a modern home. Colour preferences offer a variety of different styles: Black and green, black and orange or the more traditional table with a clear surface and legs. Whichever you prefer, the designs are all more akin to pieces of furniture than game tables. The Avettore is also available as a solid wood piece with your choice of species and colour accents. 11 Ravens are all about customisation so don’t hesitate to get personal. A hidden draw is also built into the end for storing the rackets and balls. The 11 Ravens Avettore Aereo table will have you ready for Tokyo 2020 in no time.

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