The Hot Instagram Couple Who Get Paid Big to Travel the World

Jack Morris and Lauren Bullen are Instagram stars. The attractive couple gets paid six figures travelling the world. Jack and Lauren, ages 26 and 24, lead an unbelievable life travelling all over the world. They offer a glimpse of their life to their many fans on their social media photo feeds and blog posts. Jack and Lauren have more than 3.5 million Instagram followers between the two of them.

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The couple met while they were both travelling Fuji in 2016. Jack, who hails from Manchester, and Australian native Lauren, have been all over the world since meeting. They document their incredible life for all of their fans. The two of them have visited an impressive 45 countries total. In addition to Instagram posts, the couple posts blogs on their successful travel blogs—Do You Travel and Gypsea Lust.

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Jack and Lauren are making a killing. Jack confided to Cosmopolitan that he had earned almost AUD $12,000 for just one post on Instagram. Lauren has netted close to AUD $10,000 for just one photo. Morris was once paid more than AUD $46,000 for two days of filming and give Instagram photos for a telephone company. The couple’s goal is to continue to post photos for their millions of fans and visit one country per month for pleasure rather than work.

Do you dream of spending your life travelling the world and getting paid for it? If so, the couple has some advice when it comes to taking stunning travel photos—don’t use filters or photo editing apps and snap photos one hour after sunrise.

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