The House of Cards 4min Recap You Need to Watch Before Starting Season 5

Last night we settled down to watch one our favourite shows as it returns for a fifth season. We were excited, a little pumped up and also a little cautious, questioning how it can possibly compare with the absolute carnage that is the Trump Presidency. And we jumped straight into House of Cards on our Netflix…

Hold up. This was a mistake.

After about 30 seconds in. We asked ourselves, do we actually remember what happened last season? Sure, Frank Underwood reigns down terror and fear upon the nation in order to solidify his Presidential run, right? But there was SOOO much more that happened in season four you’ve probably forgotten. Claire’s polyamorous relationship with Tom. The Republican candidate using that weird search engine to spy on citizens. And so much more!

Just trust us. Watch the 4 minute recap above and do yourself a favour.