How To Break Up With Your Barista

As all too many of us know, there usually comes a point in our lives where it’s simply time to move on. The reasons are countless. Maybe we’re just tired of seeing the same face every morning. Maybe we’ve found something or someone better. Whatever the reasons, before we can advance to new and improved horizons we must often sever the past and deal with the inevitable break-up…with our baristas. Painful, we know. So many caffeine-fuelled memories now seem like grounds in the wind. Tears will fall from our eyes like drops of espresso.

The Roundabout Crew feels our pain. For years they’ve been providing lifelines of empathy and support through their socially responsible YouTube videos. In their latest video, “How to Break Up With Your Barista”, they’ve once again scoured the recesses of the human experience to achieve something universally poignant. The video features two men with a shared past encountering one another by chance on a sunny morning. One is an over-zealous purveyor of coffee drinks, the other his former customer who’s now holding a new coffee drink from a new barista. The exchange is a tender moment of suppressed emotions. Since both men are proud, neither will open up and admit his feelings of guilt or sorrow. Ultimately, the video is a tragic tale of two lost souls in this crazy modern day world.

Okay, enough of the insincere melodrama. The Roundabout Crew makes very funny videos on YouTube. “How to Break Up With You Barista” is hilarious. Go watch it and then check out Roundabout Crew’s other random skewerings of humanity. And if you start crying, it better be from laughing.

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