Hugo Boss’ Skywalk Video is Incredible, Terrifying and Incredibly Terrifying

This month, British solo round-the-world sailor/ guy who is cooler than me Alex Thomson undertook a breathtaking stunt with his racing yacht, the HUGO BOSS, to mark the release of BOSS Eyewear’s new edition of men’s sport sunglasses. In the Skywalk video, Thomson is chasing his yacht upwind using a 10-meter kite. He then proceeds to attach himself to a line in the water that is fixed to the top of the mast, because that’s what crazy people do.

hugo boss glass

As if this wasn’t enough, the line pulls tight, and the speed of the yacht propels him 280 feet in the air, also known as higher than London’s Tower Bridge and the double height of the yacht. And naturally, this is all done while he rocks the new BOSS 0800/S sunglasses and a stylish Hugo Boss suit. Please don’t try this at home, but we can certainly recommend that you try out the new sunglasses.

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