An Illustrated Guide to Fries by Blake Lingle

How good are fries! Don’t answer that; it’s a rhetorical question. Fries are amazing, versatile, a delicious snack and the perfect side dish for almost every meal. Blake Lingle, whose fries were recently voted the best in America by the U.S. News & World Report has written a book about them that explores the history of fries and confirms their greatness.

Lingle’s book Fries!: An Illustrated Guide to the World’s Favorite Food traces the story of the French fry, from its ancient South American origins, through to potatoes “fried in the French manner” served at Thomas Jefferson’s White House dinners. Lingle explores the fast food explosion of the 1950s and the fries integration into pop culture, before analysing their current status as a gourmet snack.

fry company chain of restaurants

As co-founder of the Boise Fry Company chain of restaurants, Lingle knows a thing or two about frying, so he shares detailed instructions how to cut, fry and serve the ideal fries. The book features archival images and new colour photography to showcase the tastiness of the many incarnations of fries. Fries are the world’s favourite food, the title says so.

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