Jeff Bezos’s Wife to Become the World’s 7th-Richest Person Thanks to Their Divorce

A pre-nuptial agreement is a most unromantic document. When you’re giddy with love, it really feels like a mood-killer to whisper in your sweetheart’s ear, “By the way, would you mind signing this to make sure you don’t take too much of my stuff when we break up?”

And yet, there are times when romance seems overrated. For example, when you’re about to divorce your wife and she’s going to take you for $67.5 billion.

This is the position that Jeff Bezos, head of Amazon and one of history’s great innovators in the field of worker exploitation, now finds himself in. When he married his wife Mackenzie, he didn’t even have one billion, let alone 137 thousand of them, so it probably didn’t cross his mind to demand a prenup. Also, maybe he thought his marriage would last, in which case, suffer in your jocks.

Some might say that Mackenzie Bezos doesn’t deserve to suddenly be catapulted to equal seventh place on the list of world’s richest people – alongside her ex, who will drop to seventh from first – simply because she married a guy and then dumped him. After all, it wasn’t her who started a website. It wasn’t her who put in the work figuring out how to overwork and underpay thousands of desperate employees.

On the other hand, take a look at Jeff Bezos. The woman spent twenty-five years with that dude. I reckon she worked damn hard for her money.

Still, Bezos may now be lamenting his reckless romanticism of the Nineties. Or, possibly, he’ll be thinking it really doesn’t matter since he could lose ninety per cent of his net worth and still have more money than anyone could ever possibly need or deserve, so why worry about it? Both positions have their merits.