The JmGO LED Projector brings the cinema to you

The JmGO Mstar LED Projector Multi-Media Player & Smart Home Theater is doing nothing to slow the death of the cinema. Supporting 1080p HD 3D, with a natural resolution of 12800×800 and multi-directional speakers, this device literally brings the cinema to your lounge-room. Complete with a built-in Android system and wifi connectivity, this entertainment package is very easy to use and takes all the stress out of watching a movie. When it isn’t being used, a dust-proof design means you won’t need to worry about cleaning it either. But trust me, you’ll be wanting to use this more than just every Friday night. Gone are the days of dust collecting, bulky projectors with this contraption proving projectors can actually look quite sexy. A circular design, aluminium covering and a laser engraved logo make this one slick looking projector. While not cheap, coming in at over $500, this bad boy is an ideal addition to any lounge room, saving you and your friends those long treks to a local theatre and may just be another nail in the coffin of modern cinema.

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jmgo led projector brings the cinema