Joe Rogan Has Plenty of Money to Do Whatever He Wants

Joe Rogan has done a lot—he’s been a successful stand-up comic, a sit-com actor, the host of Fear Factor, a UFC colour commentator, and is the host of his own podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience, for which he reportedly earns USD$100,000 per episode. That all adds up to a net worth of a rumoured USD$25 million.

Rogan supposedly makes somewhere around USD$20 million each year through his comedy, podcast, and guest appearances. Of that $20 million, he takes home around half, or roughly $10 million. But for a guy that stated that the pursuit of wealth is ultimately empty, what does he do with all that green?

Rogan’s expenses start with his home in the hills of Ventura county in California. The home is located in a gated community in the hilled area of Bell Canyon and measures 7,573 square feet. The home cost Rogan USD$2.2 million when he bought it. Of course, you’ve got to make money to spend money, and if you’re going to do that, then why not do it in style?

For his podcast—which is his major cash cow—Rogan has set up a 14,000 square-foot recording studio that he has spent millions on getting it just right. That set up includes Shure SM7b microphones and 27-inch Apple iMacs.

Hobbies are also a source of spending, and for Rogan that means archery. An accomplished hunter, Rogan has an indoor archery range with a digital target. Rogan’s bow itself is an expensive model—not counting all the add-ons that Rogan has put onto his bow, the base bow goes for over USD$1,200. Rogan also has a private sports and conditioning gym that includes a sauna and a pool table. Rogan also has his own private sensory deprivation tank.

Rogan also has a collection of Casio G-Shock watches. That’s not his only collection, he also has a growing collection of muscle cars, including a Mustang, Mercedes, and a Tesla, though his favourite is a restomod 1965 Corvette Stingray.

Rogan is a hard worker, but he’s also not afraid to play, including putting money into things. Fortunately for him, he has plenty of money to do those things with.

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