Launch of the Lego Apollo Saturn V Rocket Set

This month, Lego plans to release the NASA Apollo Saturn V Rocket Set. Nerds everywhere are rejoicing. Last month, Lego released a special edition Lego set that honoured women in the space agency. Now, Nasa has decided to release this special-edition rocket set to pay homage to the Apollo Saturn V.

lego apollo saturn v rocket set box

The idea for the Apollo Saturn V Lego set came from the Lego Ideas program. This program allows anyone to submit ideas for Lego sets that they would like to see get made. If a project gets enough fan support, then Lego will consider adding the Lego set to its vast lineup. This set was first proposed by designers Valerie Roche and Felix Stiessen in 2014. It received its 10,000th vote in 2015, which qualified it for the progressional Lego program.

lego apollo saturn v rocket set features

This rocket set includes 1,969 pieces and stands nearly a meter tall. This is the tallest rocket set that Lego Ideas has made so far. It also has more pieces than virtually any other Ideas set. The Apollo Saturn V can be positioned both vertically and horizontally. The set comes with a massive Saturn V Rocket, Lunar Lander and an Apollo Command Module. There are also three new astronaut micro-figs. There three stands so that you can display your Saturn V rocket just as the three remaining rockets are shown in museums—in a horizontal position in three various stages. This is about as authentic as it gets.

The Lego Apollo Saturn V Rocket is scheduled to hit shelves sometime in June. As a dedicated space nerd, I can’t wait to get my hands on this set the minute it is available.

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