Learn How to Fold a World-Record Airplane in One Minute

You might think of paper airplanes as being kids play. But, there are paper plane designers who are serious about designing paper airplanes that can break world-records. One such designer, John Collins, who has studied both aerodynamics and origami, creates paper airplanes designed to break records. Back in February of 2012, together with the professional football player, Joe Ayoob, Collins’s designed a paper plane that broke the Guinness World Record Record for distance. The airplane, named “Suzanne,” was thrown a record distance of 226 feet and 10 inches by Ayoob. This feat allowed the plane to claim the world record for longest distance.

Collins decided to let the world in on his secret of designing world-record paper airplanes. He recently presented a workshop for Harvard University students enrolled in a graduate-level design engineering program. Collins outlined his principles of design in the lecture and encouraged the students to try their hand at designing a world-record airplane.

After the workshop, Harvard University uploaded a tutorial video to YouTube for the rest of the world to learn how to design record-breaking paper airplanes. The video shows Collins demonstrating exactly how to fold his world-record paper airplane. The video is just under one minute long, and it shows how Collins created his world-record paper airplane using nothing more than one sheet of paper and some very basic folds.

So, if you are looking for a fun and easy way to break a Guinness World Record, why not try building a paper airplane like the one that Collins designed. It takes just a few minutes and nothing more than one sheet of paper.

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