The Libation Station was Made for the Home Mixologist

Do you want to be a master mixologist in the comfort of your home? If so you probably need somewhere to store all of those bottles. Forget about stashing them in a drawer somewhere. Fortunately, it doesn’t require a lot of space to have an awesome storage solution for all of your bottles and bar tools.

The Libation Station by Sean Woolsey Studio has plenty of space to accommodate bottles, bar tools and supplies. This shelf makes the perfect home bar. It has a great space-saving design and a stylish aesthetic. The shelves were custom designed to accommodate bottles and bar supplies.

This modern circular shelving system has four compartments for larger bottles. It has several smaller shelves and slots for wine bottles and smaller bottles of liquor. This compact shelving system can accommodate up to 45 bottles of liquor total. It can also store wine glasses. One of the best features is the slide-out walnut drawer that can be used to prepare drinks on, slice limes and more.

Crafted from high-grade aluminium, this Libation Station is sturdy and will hold up to the weight of the bottles with ease. It is available in both black and white to coordinate with just about any interior.

liberation station cocktail on table

If you are looking to up your cocktail game this year, the Libation Station is the perfect alcohol storage solution. Pack it full of your favourite alcohol and bar tools, and you will be ready to mix up a Rob Roy or a Manhattan whenever you feel like it.

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