License to Grill – Feed the Man Meat

While some cooks like to dress their dishes up with a million ingredients or incorporate layers of molecular gastronomy, others kick it old school by letting the natural flavour of perfectly grilled meat speak for itself. For those who prefer the latter approach is a new book called Feed the Meat Man by Melbourne-based food writer Oscar Smith. Featuring 70 BBQ meat recipes, Feed the Meat Man relishes the straightforward and delectable taste of barbecued meat (with modest accompaniments) in all its glory.

Mankind’s love of meat is centuries in the making and the smell of a juicy burger cooking over hot charcoal flames still manages to arouse an almost primordial sense of hunger–the kind you’ll simply never achieve with even the most magnificent of salads. Saliva swells on the corners of your lips as your taste buds practically leap out of your throat, ready to ingest morsels of perfectly charred chicken or salmon or some medium rare slabs of premium sirloin.

If you’re someone who experiences such borderline erogenous reactions when confronted with the pure scent of wood-fired meat and love nothing more than firing up the grill on a warm day, Feed the Meat Man was written with your mouth in mind. Let the book be your guide on everything from various recipes to how to use different techniques and/or resources to extract the most flavour from a given piece of meat. Oscar Smith is asking that you explore all the possibilities of the BBQ out back and make your caveman ancestors proud.

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