If You Like Your Game Systems Superhero-sized, Check Out the Xbox One Iron Man Edition

Supposedly Microsoft collaborated with Tony Stark himself on the Xbox One Iron Man Edition and it certainly looks that way. Flaunting an industrial white profile with Iron Man’s famous arc reactor in the middle and a Stark Industries banner along the top, this is a console that looks ready to survive the next invasion. According to (current) legend, only three copies will be available for the time being and they’re being offered exclusively through Microsoft France’s social media outlets. If Microsoft confirms that no additional Iron Man Editions will ever hit the market, we’re prepared for a frenzy the likes of which haven’t been seen since Willy Wonka hid those gold tickets inside his chocolate bar wrappers.

stark industries edition xbox one

This isn’t the first time Microsoft has customized its consoles to spectacular results, but it is the first time they’ve drawn from a source outside their own gaming universe. Now before you jump up and scream “of course there’s an Iron Man video game you putz”, allow us to explain. Previous entries on the customized console front include Halo and Call of Duty, both of which made a name for themselves as games. Iron Man on the other hand was a comic book made larger than life by a film, which only then naturally lent itself to a video game. Microsoft’s console seems aimed at paying tribute to the comic book/film over the game and so it marks the first time Xbox has stepped outside of its immediate comfort zone. Does it mean there’s talk behind the scenes for more synergistic opportunities between the Marvel cinematic universe and the Xbox gaming universe? Only time will tell.

stark industries  xbox one review

In the meantime, don’t bother trying to sell your soul to get one of the three consoles because the devil’s waiting list is backed up with requests for months already. Hopefully the folks at Microsoft will come to their senses and throw that dangling carrot to the masses by mass producing the Iron Man Edition console. Until then, check out the new Captain America movie which goes big on Tony Stark and all the other Avengers to satiate your cravings.

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