Mind Blowing Gritty Urban Architecture Miniatures

Australian artist Joshua Smith creates miniature models of city buildings—but his miniatures are not what you would expect. Smith’s buildings are gritty and full of the grime and decay that you often see on run-down urban blocks. These incredibly detailed miniature models mimic the decay of the inner city.

 gritty urban architecture open window

Two years ago, stencil artist Joshua Smith decided to shift his focus on creating miniatures. Instead of creating traditional tiny scenes, Smith chooses to design miniatures that represent the grittiness of the inner city. Smith’s work captures the forgotten-about aspects of urban life, such as dilapidated street corners, gritty housing complexes and graffiti-covered buildings.

 gritty urban architecture chair and table

Smith’s miniatures are often based on real life scenes, mostly in Hong Kong and Los Angeles. Many of the buildings that Smith uses for inspiration have been long-forgotten and are about to be demolished.

Each gritty scene is constructed from fiberboard, carved cardboard and paint. Every single building is crafted with remarkable attention to detail. Sidewalk cracks, overgrown weeds and fallen leaves all make these city scenes seem unbelievably realistic.

 gritty urban architecture temple street

Smith’s latest creation, titled “23 Temple Street” is based on a real block in Hong Kong. Smith managed to emulate every single aspect of this run-down block in perfect detail. Graffiti, torn-up advertisements and rust look like the real thing. In fact, if you didn’t know that it was a miniature, you would probably be fooled into thinking that this miniature is real.

 gritty urban architecture of shop

The miniatures can take anywhere from a couple of days to months to complete. Many of them are displayed in galleries around the world. Currently, Smith’s miniatures are on display at the Muriel Guépin Gallery in New York City.

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