this month in music may 2017

This Month In Music – May 2017

Another month in music land has passed with one of the world’s most renowned festivals Coachella completing its dash for another year. The festival which saw over 100 thousand fans turn out over two weekends featured the likes of Kendrick Lamar, Lady Gaga, Radiohead, Lorde and plenty more. It was not only an instagrammers paradise but rather a wonderland of new music from some of the world’s hottest upcoming talents. The past month saw a whole bunch of new releases from our favourite big names such as Kendrick Lamar, Gorillaz and Phoenix as well as some new talent that should be flying onto your radar this year. We hope you enjoy our monthly music wrap-up.

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Tash Sultana – Murder To The Mind

Over the past 12 months Tash Sultana has become one of the best and most in demand talents that Australia has to offer. The past year has seen Tash develop from a busker, to online sensation, to the woman behind the #3 song in the Triple J Hottest 100, to multiple sold out tours in Australia and all corners of the globe. ‘Murder To The Mind’ is Tash’s first follow up single to her ‘Notion EP’ which featured the self titled track and instant favourite ‘Jungle’. Tash tends to ditch the extended intros for a vocal friendly introduction, however she leaves nothing to the imagination, delivering the trademark vocals, riffs and one hell of a solo. The one-woman band is back, and we’re glad it’s an absolute doozy.

Mount Kimbie & James Blake – We Go Home Together

Sneaking under the radar over the past few weeks has been a dream collaboration from electronic duo Mount Kimbie and fellow UK countryman James Blake. While the tempo is slow and steady, James Blake’s voice gently shines through the sounds of a dreamy and soulful organ. It’s Mount Kimbie’s first new music since their album in 2013, so we’re anticipating more to come from the duo before the year is out.

Kendrick Lamar – PRIDE.

If you’re a Kendrick fan, you would have heard the album by now, if you’re not a Kendrick fan well…you should hear the album RIGHT NOW. Steering clear from album favourites like ‘Humble’ and ‘DNA’ we wanted to share a track on the album that offered something a little different. Press play on ‘PRIDE.’ and you could easily mistaken the single with something from a Tame Impala or Childish Gambino record. It’s a slow jam, which sees Kendrick take the pedal off the high-tempo rap which is apparent throughout the rest of the album. ‘PRIDE’ serves as a soulful and faded break, sitting perfectly around the halfway mark of the record.

Phoenix – J-Boy

Indie-Rock fans rejoice, legendary French band Phoenix have returned with new single ‘J-Boy’, as part of their sixth full-length album which is due out in June. Featuring some immediately noticeable vocal effects, ‘J-Boy’ delivers the fun French touch that we know and love from Phoenix over the years – It’s like Summer all over again. In a press release the band have explained the meaning behind the track as “ a record about our European, Latin roots, a fantasized version of Italy.” Give this one a couple of spins.

The War On Drugs – Thinking Through A Place

This one seemed to fly under the radar on release day, however good musical always prevails. The 11 minute jam from Philadelphian outfit The War On Drugs offers quite the journey and it’s nice to see a band not conforming to the streaming preferences (shorter edits) that most artists put out these days. ‘Thinking Through A Place’ offers a comfortable journey throughout, keeping the sound equally steady and interesting over its lengthy course. It’s one of those songs you should pop on the headphones and see where it takes you…remarkable.

Slumberjack feat. Sydnee Carter – Afraid Unafraid

Perth based electronic producers Slumberjack have quickly become one of Australia’s most in demand dance acts. Having been on the circuit putting out their crossover blend of bass music for a couple of years, the guys have returned with ‘Afraid unafraid’ featuring Sydnee Carter. These guys know how to produce something special for the clubs, that is as equally pleasing on our radios, and it all seems to be paying off.

ODESZA – Late Night

Odesza have set the world alight over the past few years with their spacious blend of electronica. From their impeccable production to their mind-blowing live performances, there’s no wonder why the electronic duo are so highly regarded and have absolutely dominated the EDM scene in the US. After much anticipation the duo released the first of two consecutive tracks in ‘Late Night’, a fun and fast-paced instrumental. If you’re familiar with Odesza the beginning of the track comes across a bit different to their usual repertoire, however the break sees the trademark sounds of Odesza and you can immediately see where this track fits in their live setup. If you’re after a but more of a safe bet, their second consecutive single ‘Line of Sight’ features an epic collaboration with Mansionair and WYNNE.

Foster The People – Doing It For The Money

Remember Foster The People’s breakout hit ‘Pumped Up Kicks’? Well this is them now! Feel old yet? It’s been 3 years since their last album and while it may not have lived up to expectations, Foster The People are back to prove that they aren’t just a one hit wonder. ‘Doing It For The Money’ is the lead single from the band’s latest EP ‘III’ which was a collaboration with One Republic’s Ryan Tedder. The trio have found the sweet spot on ‘Doing It For The Money’, sticking to their guns, combining their unique sounds of indie and electronica into a sound that’s immediately satisfying.

Whethan – Love Gang (feat. Charli XCX)

Over the past year, Chicago has quickly established itself as a breeding ground for young talent, with Chance The Rapper, Louis The Child and now Whethan all make reputable names for themselves. Whethan is relatively new on the scene, having only put out his first official single in 2016, and a year down the track he’s put out a super fun collaboration with pop powerhouse Charli XCX. Their product, ‘Love Gang’ is an addictively gritty combination of electronic and pop influences made up of a catchy chorus, growling basslines and riff that will have you whistling for days.

Album of The Month: Gorillaz – Humanz

Damon Albans’ Gorillaz are back, and they’re coming in hot with their new album ‘Humanz’. Times have changed since Gorillaz last put out an album and so has their sound. Their collaboration heavy album features over 27 feature artists across the a large 26 track offering, including Vince Staples, De La Soul, Danny Brown, Pusha T, Kalis Uchis and D.R.A.M. If you’re expecting the next ‘Feel Good’ or ‘DARE’, you’ll be sorely disappointed, but listen to this with some open ears and you’ll find a whole new dimension to the Gorillaz landscape. ‘Humanz’ is a pure crowd pleaser, without going astray or selling themselves out, Gorillaz have successfully collaborated with some amazing artists to give old and new fans an amazing record.

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