A 5km Harry Potter-Themed Fun Run is Coming to Australia

This August, it’s time to don your robes, polish your wands and make sure your best trainers are ready to help you fly, with Harry Potter-themed fun runs coming to Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

While The Wizard’s Run’s website is adamant that: “This is not a Warner Brothers or Harry Potter event”, we know a Harry Potter themed event when we see one, and if Tinder profiles in the Emerald city are anything to go by, at least, we can expect hordes of fans flocking to the event to get their fitness on with a little sprinkling of magic dust (or whatever it is they do… It’s been a while since this writer read the books.)

Though little information is offered at this stage, participants are encouraged to sign up via the website to stay tuned for further information, which we can only assume will be delivered via owl.

Wizard garb is encouraged, with a bona-fide Quidditch tournament, broomsticks and all, offered as one of the many wizard-themed activities for the occasion. There’s also the promise of potion-stops to rehydrate along the way.

To sign up, click the (magical) link below, and happy wizarding.

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