A ‘Beverly Hills Cop’ Sequel with Eddie Murphy Comes to Netflix

Eddie Murphy is further cementing his relationship with Netflix by revisiting one of his most popular roles as Axel Foley in a sequel to Beverly Hills Cop. The first two films of the series were gigantic hits for the comedian. The third didn’t fare quite as well, but that’s not slowing down the project any. The project was confirmed by the CEO of Paramount’s parent company Viacom, which is licensing the rights to the franchise to Netflix.

Beverly Hills Cop saw Murphy play street-smart Detroit cop—Foley—who was transplanted to Beverly Hills. Paramount tried for years to continue the franchise, even considering a television series at one point. The three films brought in $735 million in global box office sales. While Paramount will retain the rights to the underlying intellectual property, Netflix will be able to produce one more sequel. Jerry Bruckheimer will come on to produce the sequel for Paramount. Even with the releasing of the rights,
Paramount isn’t shying away from other projects with Murphy. They’re planning a follow up to the 1988 hit “Coming to America” in 2020.

For Murphy’s part, the partnership with Netflix has been good. “Dolemite Is My Name,” Murphy’s most recent comedy, has been showing on Netflix and has been garnering some of the best reviews Murphy has ever seen. The partnership has also been good for Paramount. This is the third deal between the streaming service and Paramount. Adding Beverly Hills Cop to the works will allow Paramount to earn some cash off of a library title. Given that their recent sequels haven’t fared too well, there’s a lot riding on this sequel. Sounds like Murphy will be keeping pretty busy. In addition to these two sequels, he’s also returning to the stand-up comedy stage (another project for Netflix), and will be returning to Saturday Night Live after a 35-year hiatus from the show.

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