A Breaking Bad Movie is in the Works with Vince Gilligan

There may have been TV shows as good as Breaking Bad, but most of us who became addicted to the epic, pulsating tale of Walter White’s rise as druglord and descent into the moral maelstrom would agree there’s surely not been any better ones. One of the few that might challenge it is Better Call Saul, the Breaking Bad spinoff that defied the laws of spinoffs by being incredibly good.

With that in mind, the news that BB creator Vince Gilligan’s new project is a movie set in the Breaking-verse doesn’t inspire the dread that film cash-ins of inferior small-screen properties have a tendency to. Gilligan’s earned our trust, and knowing we get to spend more time in that world arouses more excitement and intrigue than anything else.

The exact nature and story of the movie are a mystery so far. It’s not even known whether it’ll be a cinematic release or just for TV. All we know is that it’s got a working title of Greenbriar – which tells us nothing – and that it apparently “tracks the escape of a kidnapped man and his quest for freedom”.

The obvious conclusion to draw from this, for dedicated fans of the original series, is that this will be a film that answers the question: what happened to Jesse Pinkman? If that’s correct, it could be exactly what we’ve been waiting for – ever since Breaking Bad came to its dark, beautiful end, we’ve been missing Jesse and hoping he’s OK. Finally, we may be getting some closure.