A Starship Troopers TV Show with Original Movie Cast in the Works

Starship Troopers, Paul Verhoeven’s 1997 sci-fi epic, was misconstrued by some at first as a brainless space shoot-em-up, but recognised by more discerning cinemagoers as a brilliant military satire and has only grown in reputation since. Today the film is regarded as a cult classic by fans, who will no doubt be either overjoyed or terrified by the news that original screenwriter Ed Neumeier is trying to cook up a TV show based on the movie.

Starship trooper

It’s not the first time a return to the Starship Troopers world has been mooted. In 2016 Columbia announced that a PG-13 remake was in the works – something that is unlikely to delight fans, and certainly didn’t delight Neumeier. A softer version of the movie would seem calculated to completely miss the point of Verhoeven’s original, while being of questionable appeal to a new younger audience, who aren’t exactly starved for choice when it comes to spectacular sci-fi action franchises.

The prospect of a TV series, with all the possibilities for world-expanding that offers, together with the potential offered by modern effects and the high production values of 21st-century television, and overseen by the brains behind the film…well that’s far tastier. And if it also brings us the return of Casper Van Dien?

Well, be still our beating hearts.