Join the Dark Side with The BB-9 Sphero Star Wars Droid

Just as Sphero have released their latest and greatest instalment in an already impressive lineup of robots, the new R2-D2, it’s only fair to introduce a baddie into the ranks, and considering this is the first time the world gets to see this little guy, it might as well be in toy form. BB-9E, an astromech droid of the First Order, is a new force for evil in the latest instalment in the Star Wars franchise: The Last Jedi.

While Sphero’s Artoo will follow you around and charm any sci-fi nerd within earshot, BB-9E is more akin to their other releases, in the sense that it’s essentially a very well-constructed ball with a magnetic head that’ll hurtle around your floor on command, all controlled from your smartphone.

bb 9e leds make him look authentic

BB-9E’s LEDs make him look authentic, and through the app, you can explore his ship via the augmented reality features. Just like Artoo as well, he’ll sit next to you while watching a Star Wars film and react differently to different scenes – we think this is super clever.

BB-9E might be one of the bad guys in the film but in toy form, he’s just as likeable as his benevolent counterparts from Sphero. These products are hours and hours of fun and not limited to any age group.

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bb 9 sphero star wars droid electric device

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