Bear Grylls Reviews Survival Movies

If you’re going to make a movie about surviving in extreme situations, then you should be ready to have those movies taken apart by any number of people. Celebrity survival expert Bear Grylls does just that, reviewing situations depicted in movies and discussing just how plausible they are.

The video opens with the scene from The Revenant where Leonardo DiCaprio guts a horse so that he can sleep inside of it, protected from the extreme cold. Surprisingly—or perhaps unsurprisingly—Grylls agreed that this could work, not from any hypothesis, but from personal experience. Grylls had used the same technique with a camel carcass in the Sahara. “Survival is all about doing the unimaginable and the difficult. The number one priority is in the wild is always protection, whether that’s from wild animals or the weather,” explains Grylls.

Grylls reviews the fire making scene from Castaway, the parachuting scene from Point Break, the death scene from Everest, the water scene from Titanic, the crocodile attack scene from Crocodile Dundee, the river scene from Bird Box, and Michael’s survival efforts from The Office. Grylls provides insights and perspectives won from experience, ultimately giving most of the scenes a passing grade.

He closes out the review by saying, “So, we’ve seen a bunch of clips from Hollywood’s depiction of survival scenarios, and actually, the clips we picked…these are pretty good ones, you know. They’ve been well done. But ultimately, survival is all about this—heart, spirit, never giving up.”

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