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Best new movie trailers october

Best New Movie Trailers – October 2021

It’s official. We still have trailer fever. There’s no doubt about it. In a world where Apple TV+ & foot rubs are the new norm, and enticing us to go out and catch a flick is getting harder; a trailer can lead a film to global success or be the catalyst for missing its mark at the box office. As a result, we’ve seen an unprecedented effort put into the crafting of spine-tingling teasers and tantalising trailers. But the fact remains – not all trailers are made equal.

Here at Man of Many, we know trailers, man. Whether it’s Rob Pattinson cracking skulls in ‘The Batman’ or Tom Holland nearly cracking puberty in ‘Uncharted’ – if the trailer’s red-hot, we’ll have a gander and let you know about it. So without further ado, here is a list of the Best New Movie trailers that dropped in October 2021.

THE BATMAN – Main Trailer

Holy hell this looks good. Perhaps aside from the Riddler’s take on a flat white, THE BATMAN main trailer promises a film to rival even that of the Dark Knight; complete with a caped crusader who appears literally on the verge of killing anyone who comes across him in most scenes. And Paul Dano as Riddler – it’s a thing of beauty. Get hyped for this dark, twisted fantasy we didn’t know we really needed after so many films about a rich dude who hangs out in caves with the elderly.

Resident Evil – Welcome to Racoon City Official Trailer

As they say, “better to progress the franchise than do something new.” Resident Evil is back and just in time to capitalise on the awareness of RE Village. Now that’s some smart biddness. Set to the tune from the He-Man meme, the trailer for Welcome to Racoon City is balls-out fun, packed with the hybrid zombified dogs, explosions and unusually good looking people – don’t expect anything new from this series but if you’re looking for a Friday night flick, this is it.

Morbius Official Trailer

“I have increased strength and speed – and some form of bat radar.

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Sigh. There’s not a lot going on in the Morbius trailer. Jared Leto is essentially Dracula & Batman smushed together to make an emo scientist that drinks blood, but feels bad about it – which isn’t a good starting point. Plot? No idea. Will it be good? Probably not. But for the huge base of Morbius die-hards out there, it’s better than nothing. And Tom Holland might be in it #crosspromotion

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Moonfall Teaser Trailer

For anyone who doubts the legitimacy of the moon landing, Moonfall might have you triggered. The trailer implies that when we first landed on the moon (IF WE EVER REALLY DID? #ILLUMINATI), we weren’t alone – and now, whatever was there wants to come and crash the party on earth. Literally. Instead of a plate of cold deli meats, it’s bringing the moon. Starring the guy from ‘The Conjuring’ and Samwell Tarly from Game of Thrones, Moonfall is an epic blockbuster that really needs to be seen at the movies instead of in your underwear at home.

UNCHARTED Official Trailer

A prequel to the immensely popular Playstation Exclusive series of games, Uncharted stars Tom Holland as Nathan Drake – and the jury is still out on that casting choice. Probably because Nathan Fillion is, and always will be Nathan Drake. Yes, he’s too old for this prequel role. But we’d contend that Tom will always be too young. And small. That said, it looks like all concerned parties at the movie studio and Playstation Studios have had a red hot go at making this movie good. So it probably will be pretty good.

Lightyear Teaser Trailer

Well, this looks super solid. But what we’re dying to know is how a toy gets a backstory – beyond the manufacturing and packaging process. Is this a child’s imagination the whole time? Or is it all real? Either way, Lightyear has a sense of maturity about it that we can get down with. And it’s beautifully captured, as per Pixar’s usual love and care. We didn’t hear much from Chris Evans as Buzz in the trailer though, so fingers crossed he’s got a bit of Hanks-like charm up his plastic sleeve.

House of Gucci Trailer #2

Following the turbulent marriage and divorce of Patrizia and Maurizio Gucci, House of Gucci is equal parts stylish and deadly. Boasting a killer cast – including Lady Gaga, Jared Leto, Adam Driver & Al Pacino – we can’t wait to step into the leather-clad, big-haired, day-drunk world of the Gucci clan – and come out the other side desperate for some Pasta Al Funghi and a dry glass of vino.

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