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Best new movie trailers september

Best New Movie Trailers – September 2021

It’s official. We still have trailer fever. There’s no doubt about it. In a world where Apple TV+ & foot rubs are the new norm, and enticing us to go out and catch a flick is getting harder; a trailer can lead a film to global success or be the catalyst for missing its mark at the box office. As a result, we’ve seen an unprecedented effort put into the crafting of spine-tingling teasers and tantalising trailers. But the fact remains – not all trailers are made equal.

Here at Man of Many, we know trailers, man. Whether it’s Denzel ‘My Man!’ Washington flooring us with his performance in ‘The Tragedy of Lady Macbeth’ or Alana Haim making quite the film debut in ‘Licorice Pizza’ – if the trailer’s red-hot, we’ll have a gander and let you know about it. So without further ado, here is a list of the Best New Movie trailers that dropped in September 2021.

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Licorice Pizza Official Trailer

Despite it being a feast for the sense, the Licorice Pizza trailer gives little away – aside from the unholiest of pizza topping ideas. Directed by Paul Thomas Anderson (There Will Be Blood), and starring Alana Haim, we get the feeling this flick will be a lovely mish-mash of ‘Dazed & Confused’, ‘Almost Famous’ & ‘Once Upon A Time In Hollywood’ – and if they manage to pull it off, we could be in for a real treat. Like a pizza homage without any licorice in sight.

The Tragedy of Macbeth Official Trailer

“Double, double toil and trouble; Fire burn, and cauldron bubble.”

Never gets old – especially when it’s being interpreted by the movie-making masters at studio A24, bringing with it a visual treatment truly befitting of this tale of macabre. From the first frame, it’s easy to see that we might just be in for an experience to rival that of ‘The Lighthouse’ – and that’s no easy feat. Starring Denzel ‘My Man!’ Washington and the magnificent, ethereal, fierce, and vulnerable Frances Mcdormand – both led into battle by Joel Coen – we can safely say that the hype is real over here at the Man of Many offices.

Night Teeth Official Trailer

Vampires. Nightwalkers. Wesley Snipes in a lot of leather. Yes, it’s a tired genre, full of tired formulas and unnaturally sexy people but honestly, who cares? Night Teeth looks like a bit of fangs-out rollicking fun, following one driver’s journey into the nocturnal abyss as two mysterious (and very good looking) bloodsuckers take him for the ride of his afterlife.

Finch Official Trailer #1

Knowing full well Finch is ‘Cast Away’ & ‘I Am Legend’ disguised as a unique story, we’re confident this film will deliver more than a few chuckles and many-a-tear. Starring Tom Hanks as a super nice dude who likes dogs and robots, this is a survival story that we’ve heard before but will be glad to hear again.

The Humans Official Trailer

With the world the way it is, we need a movie like The Humans. An exploration of what tears us apart and holds us together, this neo mumblecore flick has a bruising beauty to it; a lack of polish that gives us the chance to really see the characters, despite the deft hand behind the camera. One reporter described it as a “Remarkable portrait of the American family”, but from what we can see, you don’t have to hail from the states to find a connection with this film – and maybe those around you after you’ve seen it. We sincerely hope our high hopes are met in spades.

Nightmare Alley Official Trailer

Nightmare Alley is exactly what you’d expect from Del Toro: a unique story with a very specific art direction that will delight fans and potentially turn off the uninitiated (Willem Dafoe hosting a creepy carnival booth is a niche kind of entertainment after all). Regardless, hats off to this endeavour that seeks to tell a story the way it should be told, rather than appease the masses with yet another safe box office pander-job. Although it seems they did hedge their bets in starring a few lookers’ – like Bradley Cooper, Rooney Mara & Cate Blanchette – but we can’t hold that against them (and the studio exec who touted ‘what if we threw in a few hotties’ in the first sit down).

C’mon C’mon Official Trailer

Again, we see A24 unafraid of black & white and whether or not they’re being too niche. Honestly, after watching this a few times, we’re still not quite sure what it’s all about but the vibe is quite lovely – and we know Phoenix is on something of a hot streak at the moment. Best not to look a gift horse in the mouth – we await the release of C’mon C’mon with baited breath.

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