Billie Eilish To Sing the James Bond 25 ‘No Time To Die’ Theme Song

In a move that speaks waves about the direction of the film, Billie Eilish has just been announced as the artist singing the ‘No Time To Die’ theme song. Two days ago, the 18-year-old artist made the announcement on her Instagram sending fans into a spiral. Joining the likes of Adele and Sam Smith, Billie will be the youngest artist to ever perform the theme to a James Bond movie.

It’s a bold move by the producers tapping into the ‘bad guy’ singers star power and it’ll no doubt set the tone for a darker more divisive Bond film. With ‘No Time To Die’ being Daniel Craig’s final outing as 007, the fate of this iteration of Bond is more uncertain than ever. It’s a hot debate within the Man of Many office and the inclusion of Billie Eilish just adds a little more fuel to the fire.

What are your thoughts on the matter. Will we finally see James Bond meet his end?

‘No Time To Die’ is in Australian cinemas on the 8th of April