Black Mirror’s Season 5 Trailer Has a Few Familiar Faces

Black Mirror is back, and it looks like we’re going to get as freaked out as ever. The fifth season of Charlie Brooker and Annabel Jones’s magnum opus, the show that puts the “fun” in “disturbingly on-point satirical dissection of the fundamental issues at the heart of humanity’s relationship with technology”, is going to drop on Netflix on June 5. The trailer, out now, gives a little taste of what’s in store.

There will be, it seems, three new stories in Season Five – damn these Brits and their short seasons – and the trailer indicates they will run the gamut of all that cool-yet-nightmarish stuff that Black Mirror is famous for. There’s a guy with a gun, there’s a hostage, there’s cops, there’s kids filming everything on their phones, there’s virtual reality, there’s a pop star, there’s a creepy little AI girl thingy, there’s a barbecue, etc.

There are also big names, as is the way of things on the show. Occasional Avenger Anthony Mackie shows up, as does one-time sitcom big name Topher Grace, and singer/Achy Breaky Offspring Miley Cyrus. There seems little doubt that the latest instalment of Black Mirror will once more ensnare us in the grip of a powerful feeling that our phones are spying on us.