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You Won’t Believe What Brad Pitt Did at the F1 British GP

The sexiness of Brad Pitt and F1 collided over the British Grand Prix weekend, bringing fans a double dose of eye candy. The actor was not only at the race to spectate but also to take part in the action as part of filming for his upcoming F1 racing movie directed by Joseph Kosinski (the man behind Top Gun: Maverick).

Setting the internet on fire, fans witnessed Pitt don a racing outfit for the fictional APXGP team and even take a lap in a custom F1 car at the iconic Silverstone track. That wasn’t all though, as Pitt got to hang out with the drivers across the weekend and even lined up on the grid with his new friends before the race kicked off.

Brad Pitt’s F1 Joy Ride

Not only does Pitt boast the kind of beauty, fame, and fortune that inspires incredible envy, but he’s now also achieved every bloke’s ultimate dream: driving an F1 car. As part of filming, the 59-year-old was given an unforgettable opportunity to pump out a hot lap, with fans in attendance posting on Twitter (see above). For the film, Mercedes team experts have assembled an F2 car specifically customised to mimic a top-tier racing vehicle.

If that wasn’t cool enough already, Pitt and his co-star Damson Idris then joined esteemed drivers such as Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton on the grid. However, before the formation lap took place, former drivers Driver Dolby and Luciano Bachetta jumped in the driver’s seat of the ‘film cars’. Clearly, the FIA wasn’t prepared to see Brad take out one of the stars before the green light.

Brad Pitt and Damson Idris on the F1 Grid British Grand Prix 2023
Brad Pitt and Damson Idris on the F1 Grid | Image: Ryan Pierse/Getty Images

As expected, Pitt is having a blast and shared his appreciation for the sport having welcomed him into that world and embraced the Apple-supported F1 film project.

“I’m having the time of my life,” he told Sky Sport. “I’m a little giddy right now! It’s great to be here. We’re having such a laugh. It’s the time of my life.

“To be a part of it in this way? To tell our story? Everyone has been cool with us, the teams have opened their doors to us, the FIA have been really helpful, F1 and Stefano Domenicali. Everyone has been amazing.”

Drivers Love Pitt (Well, not all of them…)

It seems that the drivers have also embraced the A-lister, with him and Kosinski joining the drivers’ briefing ahead of the race. Seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton and executive producer for the movie said it was “probably the best driver briefing we’ve ever had.” Hamilton’s teammate George Russell remarked that it has been a surreal experience to hang out with Pitt.

“It’s one of those you see a worldwide superstar for the first time — it’s quite surreal,” said Russell. “It’s only when you get to be with those individuals whether it’s Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt or Roger Federer that you recognise they’re just normal human beings. He was joking around and having a good time and just kind of one of the boys really. I’m so excited to see what the movie does.”

Other drivers like Alpine’s Pierre Gasly and Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc looked stoked to be hanging out with Pitt on social media. However, championship leader Max Verstappen reportedly shared he wasn’t as enthusiastic as the others.

“I think they’re going to use some shots of everybody, in terms of onboard cameras and stuff,” he said. “I completely can’t be bothered with this.

“In the end, a film is always made to create a little bit of a show because, of course, it won’t all be real, but I think it’s all fine. I’m actually not that much into it.”

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Brad pitt at the f1 grand prix of great britain
Image: Getty Images

Pitt Shares Plot Details for Upcoming F1 Film

While talking to Martin Brundle of Sky Sport, Pitt offered some juicy new plot details for the movie and delved into the specifics of his starring role.

“I would be a guy who raced in the ‘90s,” Pitt said of his character in the film. “He has a horrible crash, kind of craps out and disappears, and then is racing in other disciplines. And then his friend, played by Javier Bardem, is a team owner. They’re a last place team, they’re 21 or 22 on the grid, they’ve never scored a point. And they have a young phenom played by Damson Idris, and he brings me in as kind of a Hail Mary. And hijinx ensue.”

Brad Pitt F1 car
Brad Pitt’s F1 wheels | Image: Ap/Luca Bruno

Director Joseph Kosinski earned Pitt’s praise for maintaining the same commitment to technical realism that made “Top Gun: Maverick” such an awe-inspiring experience. For his race scenes, Pitt navigates an F1 car at incredible speeds while strategically-placed cameras captured every angle of his drive.

“I’ll tell you what’s amazing about it. You see the cameras mounted all over the car. You’ve never seen speed, you’ve never seen g-force like this. It’s really, really exciting. And it’s really humbling. I don’t know if you can call mine a hot lap, it’s kind of a warm lap. I’ve taken a few tours unintentionally through the grass, but it’s just been such a high.”

Efe:epa:christian bruna
Winners are grinners | Image: EFE/EPA/Christian Bruna

British Grand Prix 2023 Results

Besides one of the world’s most iconic celebrities gracing the track over the weekend, there was also a rather mesmerising race on Sunday. Party pooper Max Verstappen claimed his sixth straight Grand Prix victory for Red Bull, with Lando Norris and Lewis Hamilton snagging the two remaining spots on the podium.

Excitingly, Aussie rookie Oscar Piastri took home the most points of his career coming in fourth place. Between both driver’s efforts, McLaren has now climbed to fifth in the Constructors’ Championship, after starting the season in dismal fashion.

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