This Compilation of Today Show Bloopers is Proof that Karl is King of Breakfast TV

Look, I’ll be the first to admit I’ve always had a soft spot for Karl Stefanovic. I’m not entirely sure where it started – probably when he turned up to work as lit as a Christmas tree after the Logies that one time – I guess I empathised and admired his stamina. One thing I’ve never understood is how there’s a ratings war between him and Kochie though. Sure, there are funnier and more charismatic blokes than Karl out there who could arguably towel him up in a war for viewers, but how can any self-respecting Aussie audience not prefer the guy who once welcomed Peking Duk at Subsonic over David f*cking Koch, a guy who once got angry at your’s truly for not letting his infant grandkid into an 18’s+ only licensed venue (I mean FFS)?

This compilation is all the proof you need that Karl is the truest Australian professional of the entertainment industry (and his co-anchor Lisa Wilkinson is pretty bloody tops too).

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