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Michael B. Jordan Pulls No Punches Behind the Camera in BTS Teaser for ‘Creed III’

Creed III is not just your typical boxing movie,” Michael B. Jordan says in the first-look behind-the-scenes teaser of his new action sports epic. The third film in the Rocky spinoff series, which is set to land in cinemas in March 2023, sees the 35-year-old American actor taking on the directorial role for the very first time and the new BTS video shows fans why that was necessary for both the actor and the franchise.

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Michael B. Jordan behind the scenes for 'Creed III' (2023) | Image: MGM Pictures

Michael B. Jordan behind the scenes for ‘Creed III’ (2023) | Image: MGM Pictures

Serving as the sequel to 2018’s Creed II, the upcoming flick will mark the first time a sports film has been shot using IMAX technology. Michael B. Jordan, who has been “living with the character” Adonis “Donnie” Creed for eight years now, had some pretty massive plans for the third film, all of which required more than just acting in front of the camera.

“This is the first sports film to be shot on IMAX cameras. With the IMAX experience, you can take in that environment in a way that you normally wouldn’t … and really immerse yourself into the entire world,” expressed Jordan. “A pillar of this franchise is figuring out who you really are and what’s worth fighting for. In Creed III, I wanted to know what Adonis’ limits were. So, to be able to finally step behind the camera and continue to elevate and evolve this story, it’s something I’m eternally grateful for.”

Michael B. Jordan in 'Creed III' (2023) | Image: MGM Pictures

Michael B. Jordan in ‘Creed III’ (2023) | Image: MGM Pictures

Several shots of Jordan filming scenes or viewing his own recorded performance are shown off, revealing how the actor’s dual position helps him execute his vision on screen. Apart from the BTS shots, there are multiple scenes from the film are thrown in as well, setting up Adonis’ childhood friend, Damian “Dame” Anderson, played by Jonathan Majors as the next major threat to our hero.

“As a storyteller, you really put a piece of yourself into your films. From personal desires and goals to shortcomings, failures and mistakes,” adds Jordan. The actor wanted to “take advantage of the emotional journeys of the characters” and depict them in such a way that really grips the viewers.

Creed III will be the first film in the franchise without Sylvester Stallone as Rocky Balboa, although the actor will still be serving as a producer for the project. With Creed III hitting cinemas on 2 March 2023, we can’t wait to see how things are going to go down for our boxing champ Adonis.

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