Dave Chappelle & Lady Gaga Feature in Bradley Cooper’s Directorial Debut

More than just a pretty face, Bradley Cooper’s directorial debut has already begun to generate Oscar Buzz. Following its premiere on the 31st of August at the Venice Film Festival, A Star is Born has received nothing but praise for the retelling of a familiar tale.

The movie follows the journey of a naive young struggling artist Ally (Lady Gaga), as she is discovered by the seasoned country singer Jackson Maine (Bradley Cooper). The alcohol addled veteran grows fond of the young singer, taking her under his wing he nurtures her to become well… a star. Being its third adaptation, Cooper really hopes to update the already evocative story, bringing it into the present.

The film is notable with a number of metaphorical cherries popped throughout its production. Not only is it the first time we find Academy Award Nominee Bradley Cooper in the director’s chair, but it’s also the first major role Gaga has had on the big screen. Even just in the shorts, it’s clear that the duo has an authentic chemistry on screen that is hard to come by. So far, it’s ticking all our boxes. An alcoholic Bradley Cooper, music from Gaga and Mark Ronson, we even get a glimpse of Dave Chapelle. Really, what more could you want?

Making the most of the Oscar rumors and rave reviews, Warner Bros. has released an extended sneak peek of the movie which you can watch below.

The film will be out in everywhere on the 5th of October. Let us know what you think in the comments.

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