Why Didn’t We Have These? The Stranger Things of the 80s

Butcher Billy’s Stranger Things of the ’80s gallery on Behance channels the popularity of the Netflix original show, “Stranger Things.” Part of the allure of the show—aside from its mystery and intrigue—is the nostalgic feel created by setting the show in the 80s. That’s the genius of Butcher Billy’s gallery. Created using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, the gallery features, as Butcher Billy puts it, “Atari video games, Stephen King pulp paperbacks, eerie comic books, Dario Argento B-Horror movies, MTV punks.”

stranger tales pollywog chapter 3

Rather than presenting the collection in pristine shape, Butcher Billy opted to age the images, giving them qualities that you only see in items from 30 plus years ago. The paperbacks have wrinkles and creases, making them look like they actually had been read and then forgotten for years on a shelf. The cartridges also have that feel of having been plugged into a long-lost Atari console. The colors are all faded to further create the feelings of age, while the color combinations are thoroughly 80s. Over all, it gives you the feel of having come across a treasure trove of strange things from the 80s in the back corner of a second-hand store.

stranger tales pollywog chapter 4

Each item in the gallery also takes its inspiration from key moments, plot points, or characters from “Stranger Things.” Fans of the show will enjoy the references, and will wonder what Stephen King might have written about the pollywog or what gameplay would be like on the mind flayer.

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trick on treat chapter 2

hadmax strenger tales

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