Disney is Remaking ‘Home Alone’ Again & Needs a New Kid

With Disney’s much anticipated and long awaited streaming service, Disney+, now available, the media giant is looking to dominate the industry with a massive amount of content. That content will include a remake of the Christmas classic “Home Alone.”

This past March, Disney acquired most of 21st Century Fox in a $71 billion deal. Disney CEO Bob Iger told investors in a conference call that “so far this year we’ve released five of the top six movies, including four which have generated more than a billion dollars in global box office.” In addition to releasing Avatar, Planet of the Apes, X-Men and Deadpool, Disney is “focused on leveraging Fox’s vast library of great titles to further enrich the content mix on…our platforms.” That enrichment includes “reimaginations” of Home Alone, Night at the Museum, Cheaper by the Dozen, and Diary of a Wimpy Kid.

This could be a good move, but it might also backfire. Often, remakes aren’t received as well as the originals, and Home Alone continues to be a popular movie. Released in 1990 and starring Macaulay Culkin, Home Alone received an 80 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes and a 7.5 rating on IMDb. It’s nearly impossible to not catch the movie every Holiday season. No doubt Disney will cash in on this continued popularity, but it might be a bit of a gamble to try to recapture the magic of the original. Comments run the gamut, with those who are excited about the possibility, and those that want Disney to “keep the change, you filthy animal.”

Right or wrong, it’s a smart move on Disney’s part. Should they somehow replicate the popularity of the original Home Alone, they’ll have yet another cash cow in their pen that they can pull from. If the remake is an utter disaster, they’ll still make a ton of money just off of all those people who will watch the film out of spite so they can witness the failure. Either way, the movie will help push more subscriptions to the streaming service, and that’s what this is all about.

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