Disneyland Paris Reveals New Marvel-Themed Area

Disneyland Paris has long had a reputation as the best place to go if you’re in Europe and want to feel like you’re in America. And that reputation will only be enhanced by its new Marvel Super Heroes area, just the latest benefit to humankind to stem from Disney’s acquisition of the world’s most juggernaut-ish comic-book-movie empire.

The multi-year expansion of Disneyland Paris will include the permanent transformation of one of the park’s current areas into a Marvel wonderland, where superheroes walk among us and you can’t throw a cat without hitting some kind of mutant vigilante. Disney has also announced that the Paris park’s Hotel New York will next year turn into Hotel New York – The Art Of Marvel, which will be, we guess, like the old Hotel New York, but with more Marvel art in it.

It’s a timely development: given Disney’s growing stranglehold on every area of popular culture, it’s only reasonable that its theme parks reflect that dominance. With Disneyland Paris’s Marvel area to join others celebrating Star Wars and Frozen, it’s to be hoped that Uncle Walt’s dream of the Happiest Place On Earth continues to expand to encompass every single movie franchise on earth, just as the company progressively buys them all out.