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‘Don’t Look Up’ Trailer: Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence Apocalyptic New Comedy

If star power results in box office success, Netflix’s blockbuster Don’t Look Up should smash the record books. The end-of-the-world comedy is absolutely stacked with Oscar-winners, fan favourites and familiar faces, all lending a hand to make director Adam McKay’s vision come to life. Judging by the first Don’t Look Up trailer, which was released in November 2021, it’s all going according to plan.

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The new teaser reveals a lot about the long-awaited film, which sees DiCaprio, alongside fellow Academy-Award winner Jennifer Lawrence as astronomers forced to leak information about a destructive, giant comet heading towards Earth. Large enough to destroy the entire planet, the comet sparks hysteria that impending doom is imminent, not that it seems to bother the President of the United States and her Chief of Staff, played by film legend Meryl Streep and Moneyball star Jonah Hill, respectively.

That lineup alone would be enough to garner interest from the Academy, however, McKay didn’t stop there. Don’t Look Up also stars Timothée Chalamet, Kid Cudi, Ariana Grande, Matthew Perry and more. While the trailer does seem interesting, it doesn’t quite answer the question of why so many stars have been clambering to sign, however, when you look at McKay’s history, it makes a bit more sense. The director is famous for his work on series like Vice, alongside big-screen credits such as The Big Short, Step Brothers and the Anchorman movies.

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“It’s definitely not as dark as Vice,” McKay told Josh Horowitz’s Happy Sad Confused podcast earlier this year, via Hypebeast. “Vice, I’d say, really probably ended up being a drama with some comedy. But Big Short, still, even though there’s drama in it – I would say (Don’t Look Up) is a tad more of a comedy than The Big Short…I don’t know if the Ferrell movies, because they’re so uniquely Will Ferrell – but somewhere in between The Other Guys and The Big Short, I’d say, is where this one lives.”

According to Netflix, Don’t Look Up is slated to premiere in select theatres on December 10, 2021, however, will land on the streamer on Christmas Eve. Check out the trailer above.

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Dont look up trailer