Watch This Supercut of Every Stan Lee Cameo Ever

The great thing about Stan Lee – apart from the genre-defining writing, the creation of myriad memorable characters, the generation of an entire entertainment universe that has made millions of people happy and the foundation of a business empire worth billions, apart from all THAT – was his enthusiasm for cameos. After a lifetime of pioneering work, he figured quite rightly he had the right to have as much fun as he possibly could, and one way he did that was by popping up in just about every Marvel screen production ever.

Lee has 121 acting credits on IMDB, which isn’t too shabby considering he wasn’t an actor. There could be no better way to pay tribute to the late great master than by collecting all his cameos in one handy supercut, and as usual the public-minded samaritans of YouTube have obliged.

stan lee cameo ever standing with man

It’s not quite “every” – the maker has captured all his appearances up to Thor: Ragnarok, which means we miss his brilliant portrayals of “Bus Driver” from Infinity War and “Dapper dog walker” from Venom. Hopefully they’ll be added soon. But all your favourites are here, from his seminal appearance as “Jury Foreman” in The Trial of the Incredible Hulk to his game-changing work as “Waterhose Man” in X-Men: The Last Stand. Plus of course what I consider to be his greatest role: himself, in Mallrats, where he gives relationship counselling to Jason Lee while the latter interrogates him about superhero dicks.

Watch it, and salute the great man while reminding yourself of one of life’s great truths: Stan Lee is fricking awesome.

stan lee cameo look like police