First Look at Game of Thrones Final Season

“Winterfell is yours, your grace.”

With those five words did Sansa Stark, spoilt-brat-turned-freakishly-tall-badass, send the whole world into a glorious, frothing spin.

Such is the state that the producers have reduced Game of Thrones fans to, that we grasp so eagerly at the smallest scrap. Yet let’s be frank: as scraps go this is a sweet one.

The Westeros-shaking line occurs as part of a bewildering montage of sneak-peeks in HBO’s promo for its 2019 lineup. There is a lot of exciting stuff in the promo, from Mahershala Ali’s brooding in the new True Detective, to a rather thrilling glimpse of a new adaptation of Alan Moore’s Watchmen, to the very-welcome return of the wondrous Julia Louis-Dreyfus in Veep, and much more, packed into just over a minute. One thing you can never say about HBO is “they have not many shows”.

But amid it all, it’s that one brief shot from the upcoming final season of GoT that has us all in a lather. Having tortured us in cruel and unusual ways by making us wait over a year for the denouement – and even now we’ve got several months to go – GoT has us thirsting in the desert, but what a long cool glass of water this is.

Sansa! Giving Winterfell to Daenerys! Stark allied with Targaryen, as we’ve all dreamed of! Shall the Mother of Dragons wreak revenge on the Lannister usurpers, avenge the death of Ned Stark, and defeat the armies of the dead into the bargain? Is Sansa really on board with the Daenerys-Jon Snow joint ticket, or is she playing the game as we know she’s learnt to over years of suffering?

We don’t know, but good GOD we are excited. How can we possibly wait any longer now?

Oh, and that new Zendaya show looks OK too I guess.