Frank Underwood is Dead in New House of Cards Trailer from Netflix

Much like the career of the man who played him (one might posit), ruthless political figurehead and fictional 46th President of the United States of America, Francis J. Underwood (Frank, or rather, FU to his enemies), is dead.

After sexual assault allegations were made against the talented but beleaguered Kevin Spacey last year, effectively ending his career, Netflix found themselves in a bind: what to do about the fact he was, at the time, in a leading role on what is arguably their most popular show, House of Cards? Axing it would prove problematic, as they’d already signed it for a sixth and final season. It would also punish a huge cast, crew, and writing team, for the actions of one individual: hardly a fair manoeuvre on their part.

calvin underwood house card view

Fans also loved his on-screen wife and co-conspirator, Claire Underwood (played by the inimitable Robin Wright), and would have been up in arms had they not let her narrative play out.

In what seems like it was an inevitability from the get-go, Netflix have released a trailer for the new season, showing Claire, the newly minted female president, standing over her late husband’s grave. After the allegations were made against Spacey, Netflix swiftly dropped him from the show, but it was a short while before they confirmed that they would continue the production without him. How or why he has died is not revealed in the short clip, viewers will have to tune in to find our more.

The final season of House of Cards is set to be released on Netflix on November 2.


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