‘Futurama’ Emerges from 10-Year Cryogenic Slumber with Season 11 Trailer

“Shut up And take my money!” After a decade-long wait, Futurama has risen from its cryogenic slumber and is ready to take us on a mind-bending journey through time and space in the all-new Season 11. Hulu recently dropped the first trailer for its upcoming Futurama revival, which sees the return of Fry, Leela, Bender, and the whole gang as they embark on some more intergalactic shenanigans. The animated series will make its long-anticipated comeback on July 24, exclusively on the streaming platform. Futurama Season 11 will feature 10 episodes that will be released weekly, ensuring a steady stream of entertainment.

Debuting in 1999, Futurama quickly rose to widespread praise and even snagged two prestigious primetime Emmys for Outstanding Animated Program. The series centres around the journey of Philip J. Fry (voiced by Billy West), a pizza delivery boy from New York City. Fry’s life completely flips when he is accidentally cryogenically frozen in 1999 only to wake up a thousand years later, in the year 3000. Fry forms unlikely alliances with the hard-drinking robot Bender and the one-eyed pilot Leela, with whom he develops a romantic connection.

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Futurama season 11
Image: Hulu

As per the official logline for the upcoming Futurama revival, “After a brief 10-year hiatus, Futurama has crawled triumphantly from the cryogenic tube, its full original cast and satirical spirit intact. The 10 all-new episodes of Season 11 have something for everyone. New viewers will be able to pick up the series from here, while long-time fans will recognise payoffs to decades-long mysteries – including developments in the epic love story of Fry and Leela, the mysterious contents of Nibbler’s litter box, the secret history of evil Robot Santa, and the whereabouts of Kif and Amy’s tadpoles. Meanwhile there’s a whole new pandemic in town as the crew explores the future of vaccines, bitcoin, cancel culture, and streaming TV.”

Image: Hulu

The animated series’ latest trailer takes a clever and self-aware approach, opening with a meta nod as it introduces the humorously titled Fulu Office Spaces. This fictional workspace comes at a surprisingly affordable price of just $1,299 per month (or $699 with the inclusion of commercials, naturally). The scene is perfectly timed with the iconic voice of Billy West’s Fry, who utters, “Welcome to your new home.” In turn, Katey Sagal’s Leela replies, “Our new home.” Following this, we’re treated to a quick compilation of the gang’s classic sci-fi adventures that are inspired directly from our own timeline.

The series pokes fun at the recent pandemic by introducing an illness similar to COVID-19, humorously named Explovid-23. The trailer teases us with how the characters grapple with this new viral threat, with Professor Hubert J. Farnsworth explaining quite an unconventional use of giant Q-tips for detection. The trailer also features Bender’s trademark gags, a lawless Crypto Country, a colossal sandworm, and an evil Robot Santa.

Created by Matt Groening and developed by Groening and David X. Cohen, the latest season of Futurama will see many of the original voice cast return, including John DiMaggio as Bender, Billy West as Fry, and Katey Sagal as Leela, alongside Tress MacNeille, Maurice LaMarche, Lauren Tom, Phil LaMarr, and David Herman. Check out the trailer for Futurama Season 11 above.

Futurama Season 11 Trailer
Image: Hulu

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