Game of Thrones Fans Discover Iron Thrones Hidden Worldwide

Game of Thrones, the fantastical saga that seemingly refuses to end (though HBO has promised that it will after this coming season), has inspired joy, fear, love and revulsion in the hearts of its viewers since it first debuted.

And, as many in the series have died in a most brutal fashion in the name of the Iron Throne, fans have queued for hours at conventions to get a photo sitting on the Very Big Metal Chair too. Now, as it turns out, you can get some alone time with one of six of these Thrones, if you can be buggered finding one of them.

GoT production company HBO offered: “For seven seasons you’ve watched characters lie, bleed, and sacrifice for the Iron Throne. As the final season approaches, only one question remains: How far will you go?”

The answer to that question is pretty damn ambiguous; the company has only given one clue for the location of each spiky seat: an hour-long 360-degree video shot from its location. Given that this is a global hunt, and people generally stopped being dab hands at navigating using only the stars in the early 20th century, they haven’t exactly made it easy.

This hasn’t stopped a few, however, who were quick to find Iron Throne locations in Spain, Sweden, Brazil and The UK, though the other two remain a mystery for now. One image looks like it might be in Antarctica, or north of The Wall (whichever is least hospitable), making it potentially the most arduous to reach in the name of a happy snap.

Whether you’re already lacing up your Danners and digging your old ice pick from your bugout bag, or planning on sitting back with a past season on DVD and following the general public’s quest on Twitter, you’ve got to give it to them, this is a great way to both get fans excited and keep them entertained for the brutally long few weeks before the eighth and final season ultimately hits their screens.