Game of Thrones Release an Epic Final Season Teaser Video

Is Game of Thrones the greatest television show ever made? That’s a matter of opinion, but what you can say for sure is that no other show has ever offered a greater likelihood of seeing full frontal nudity and decapitation in the same episode. For those of us who have been hooked by the epic intrigues of Westeros, and who’ve been ravenously waiting for new eps since last year, the GoT team has thrown us a tiny bone with the release of a teaser trailer for 2019’s final season.

What does the teaser tell us? Well, not a whole lot – most of it is made up of flashbacks to earlier events. Given the long wait since the last new episodes, this is a helpful reminder though. We get a greatest hits montage – the Red Wedding, Cersei’s Walk of Shame, the Battle of the Bastards, Daenerys’s various dragon-y exploits, the unspeakably awesome explosion of the Sept of Baelor – as stern onscreen words remind us that everything we’ve been through has been #ForTheThrone. Yes, they have hashtags in Westeros, they send them on ravens.

The teaser ends with a little taste of the ultimate confrontation to come: Jon Snow, rightful (ish) heir to the throne of Westeros, against the Night King, creepy magic ice-man. It’s what we’ve all been waiting for, even if it undermines the previous message a bit, as the battle against the White Walkers is less #ForTheThrone and more #ForTheExistenceOfTheHumanRace. But I guess there’s no throne without humans, so…

Apart from winter, what else is coming? Will Cersei get her comeuppance or emerge triumphant? Will Danerys and Jon’s fairly incestuous romance end in happiness or tragedy? Will the zombie ice dragon kill everyone? Will Sansa and Arya form a badass sister team to rule the world? Only time will tell, but this brief glimpse has reminded us just how desperately we need to know the answers.