The ‘Gangs of London’ Season 2 Full Trailer Unleashed

Alwight, guvna? Gangs of London is set to return to Stan in the latter half of 2022 and while there’s no word on exact release dates, the streaming platform has released the full trailer to get lovers of the series extra toey. The enticing new trailer will prepare us for the next round of rivetingly graphic violence on the mean streets of the Great Wren. And while it doesn’t give much away, we do get a broad sense of what the highly anticipated second season has in store for the most ruthless lineup of British gangsters to assert themselves since Tommy Shelby first donned his razor-bladed newsboy hat in the official synopsis below.

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Gangs of london season 2 full trailer

Image: Stan

Whether the new season will have anything as bluntly impactful as Elliot Finch’s pub brawl or the gruesome machete attack on the Adige Investment Bank remains to be seen, but we’re willing to bet the Gangs of London team is yet to empty their bag of tricks. If the official synopsis below is anything to go off, then plenty of brutalities are definitely on the cards.

“One year after the death of Sean Wallace and the violent reckonings of series one, the map and soul of London has been redrawn. The surviving Wallaces are scattered, the Dumanis broken and estranged, and ex-undercover cop Elliot is now being forced to work for the investors.”

“To restore order, the investors have aligned behind heroin baron Asif Afridi and together they have installed a new ruling force in London in the form of a brutal gang leader – Koba.”

“His vision for the criminal landscape is a dictatorship, a world in which old-school gangster codes don’t exist and in which he holds a complete monopoly over London’s drug trade. But this monopoly can’t last forever. The gangs are fighting back – who will win the battle for London’s soul?”

The trailer doesn’t announce the launch date, simply confirming the season will arrive later this year and premiere the same day as the U.K. only on Stan. We’d wager there are some months before those dark London deeds return to our screens with Jasmine Armando (in her TV debut), Salem Kali, Aymen Hamdouchi and Fady El-Sayed who all have new characters on the cast.

On the bright side, that means anyone who missed the first season of Gangs of London has a chance to catch up before the new episodes arrive. And for those who’ve already seen season one… well, we’d recommend giving it another watch so you can hit the ground running when Finch and co. return.

If the anticipation’s killing you, just as it is us, be sure to check out the The ‘Gangs of London’ Season 2 Behind the Scenes Trailer that dropped towards the end of 20211, as well as all the official teaser stills below. In other streaming news, Yellowstone Season 5: Here’s What You Need to Know

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Gangs of london season 2 full trailer 2

Image: Stan

Gangs of london season 2 full trailer screenshot 2

Image: Stan

Gangs of london season 2 full trailer screenshot 3

Image: Stan

Gangs of london season 2 full trailer screenshot 4

Image: Stan

Gangs of london season 2 full trailer screenshot 5

Image: Stan

Gangs of london season 2 full trailer screenshot 6

Image: Stan

Gangs of london season 2 full trailer screenshot 7

Image: Stan

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Image: Stan

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