Get in an ’80s State of Mind with Stranger Things: The Game

Netflix’s original series Stranger Things was a massive hit last year, as it harked back to the 1980s Spielberg-style of storytelling, with teenage boys on bikes in their small town neighbourhood, high schoolers dealing with raging hormones, overarching government conspiracies and paranormal evil that seems to be at the root of it all. Arguably the biggest success Netflix has had when it comes to their original programming, the series is back for a second season and based on the trailer, it looks bigger and wilder than the first as tends to happen with these shows—everything is raised up a notch (there are rumours Spielberg himself will actually be directing the first episode of Season 3).

For those who can’t quite wait the next few weeks to binge the second season, or for those who just can’t quite get enough of the whole Stranger Things universe in general, Netflix has gone and made an 8 bit, Legend of Zelda-style video game reminiscent of ’80s arcades aptly called Stranger Things: The Game to promote the series in general. Not only will it be nostalgically entertaining, to those of us who actually remember the 1980’s, but will undoubtedly have some Easter Eggs and clues about what is really happening in the show’s wandering plot.

You can download it via Android or iOS to play on your mobile device or play it on your computer through YouTube gaming.

Check it out

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