Get Nostalgic with the Nickelodeon Nick 90s Blind Box Mini Series

Nothing makes you feel older than when toys of characters you grew up watching and took for granted end up in box sets being sold as collectors items. But that’s exactly what has happened with the Nickelodeon Nick 90’s Blind Box Mini Series, where all the classic characters from the now-infamous Nick Tunes series that made the cable kids network a true animated hit are presented in all their nostalgic glory by Nickelodeon and toy designer Kid Robot.

different colour nickelodeon nick

hawaiian shirt and guiltless expression

There’s Rocko, from Rocko’s modern life, in his Hawaiian shirt and guiltless expression; there’s Ren and Stimpy, not drawn to scale, looking far less strung out than they did in their own show; there are the Rugrats which we all secretly loved even though we had trouble admitting we actually watched that show; and, of course, there’s Spongebob and a few members of his crew, clearly the most recognizable and famous of the entire set. The box sets also don’t necessarily have all the characters, making some rarer than others. For example, you have a one in 12 chance of landing Arnold or Stimpy in your box and a one in ninety-six chance of ending up with Dagget or Powdered Toast Man.

Meaning at the very least, you’ll have a collector’s item worthy of reselling to true fans on the internet in a few years, making it a truly worthy investment.

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two types of nostalgic doll

different toys of character different

nickelodeon collectible vinyl mini series

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